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QABook™ can be deployed for individuals, teams or an entire company through the three versions available. QABook has been designed to address many of the issues that exist within other test management products. It allows you to create, edit and manage requirements, test cases, defects, environments, project success criteria, reporting and more.

QABook™ is a ground breaking test management solution. It has been brought to the market by NMQA, a software testing solutions company based in the UK. At NMQA, we offer a single user copy of QABook™ Desktop for FREE to the testing community. Please click on the Download link above and follow the instructions.

Screenshots of QABook™ Desktop

How do I use QABook in a team environment? Minimize

Its very simple.  Once you start using QABook™ you will quickly build up a local repository of requirements and test cases etc. If you have two or more testers in your team you can export your entire project or selected test cases or requirements to QABook™ specific file types or Excel spreadsheets. You can then send these files across to a peer for import into their local copy.  You will find that often you create re-usable test sets that can be used on multiple projects.  Its a good idea to export these test sets to a shared location. When you embark upon a new project you can then import these re-usable test sets into a new QABook project.

Remember, you can download as many FREE fully licensed standalone copies of QABook™ Desktop from us as you need. Each download comes with a 4Gb SQLServer Express database for use on your local machine.

QABook has been designed to enable simple and flexible upgrades. QABook Desktop provides all functionality expected for a test management tool. A user can create projects and any other necessary testing artefacts and distribute these to team members.The following image shows how you can use multiple QABook Desktop clients in your company.

Even if you upgrade to client server you can still use the free peer to peer solution alongside it as shown below.  This is ideal if you have to conduct field testing or UAT testing at a client site or external location.

QABook™ Product Set Minimize

There are four versions of QABook available; Desktop, BugReach, BugShare and Enterprise.

QABook Desktop is compatible with Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista and 7. Vienna will download Microsoft® SQL Express Edition to act as the local database for a user. The client server edition allows teams to utilise a centralised repository for all their projects and testing artefacts. This edition requires Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Enterprise, Workgroup or Standard Edition to function. We can provide you with a 30-day trial of our client server edition.

QABook BugReach is a simple yet powerful and affordable web version of our defect tracking module, providing a centralised repository for tracking defects across multiple projects. The modern web interface provides for a smooth user experience. QABook BugReach can be purchased for deployment onto your servers or is available as a cloud solution. We can provide you with a 30-day trial of QABook BugReach. 

QABook Enterprise is integrated directly with Microsoft® Office SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010, and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). This allows a user to access all the same entities through SharePoint as they can through the desktop edition. Enterprise can be purchased for deployment onto your servers or is available as a cloud solution.  We can also provide you with a 30-day trial of QABook Enterprise.

QABook BugShare integrates directly with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 & 2013 providing your organisation with a comprehensive defect tracking tool. It is designed to fit into any type of business regardless of industry. BugShare can be purchased for deployment onto your servers or is available as a cloud solution.  We can also provide you with a 30-day trial of QABook BugShare.

The image below depicts the deployment options available.